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MEET YOUR BACK MUSCLES. These are not the huge muscles that attach head to butt and help you stand up. The back muscles are the ones that attach to the abdominal muscles and help control each movement of the spine. These back muscles attach every spinal segment or every two to four spinal segments. They create a lovely stability and flexibility in your spine. However, when these muscles aren’t strong, the stand-up muscles have to take over which results in back pain.

So, how do you know if you back muscles are doing their job well?

Try Out This Exercise Hack:

1. Place your hand on the curve of your low back while lying on your side or in standing.

2. Think about connecting a line and drawing your pelvic bones in toward the center of the spine.

3. You should feel a tightening in the spine that is subtle. These muscles pack a big punch!

How did it go? Did you feel the tightening of your muscles? If your back muscles struggled to do this hack, then it’s time to strengthen them. We can help. Equilibrium Physical Therapy is here to give you the assistance and tools to be self-sufficient in managing your body. Contact us today for an evaluation.

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