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In six months, it will be summer—the returning joys of swimsuits and shorts. Yes, those clothing items that reveal all our winter secrets. Wouldn’t it be great if we actually felt comfortable in our clothes? Not just looking good, but feeling good too. Moving good. Loving life. Guess what, you can have that.

Welcome to part two in the MEET YOUR BODY SERIES. Today, we are exploring the first muscle group in our “core four.” Meet Transverse Abdominis. He’s a big muscle and can help a lot, if he’s working right.

The Transverse Abdominis is the deepest muscle layer that attaches from the ribs down to the pelvis, wrapping around the fascia of the back. It forms a cylinder of muscle.

This muscle is a boss! It holds your organs in place, makes movement of the arms and legs easier, and provides power to your actions. It makes it easier to cough, laugh, and poop (which is always a good thing).

So how do you know if your Transverse Abdominis is functioning well?

Try Out This Exercise Hack:

1. Put your hands on your belly.

2. Cough.

3. Does your tummy move in or out? Do you feel pressure down or up?

If you answered that your tummy moves in and/or up—Congratulations! That’s what you want it to do. If your Transverse Abdominis went out or down, then it probably needs some TLC. Not sure how to do that? We can help. Equilibrium Physical Therapy is here to give you the assistance and tools to be self-sufficient in managing your body.

Did you miss Part One in this Series? Click HERE to read it.

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