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My Approach To Physical Therapy

When I see a patient for physical therapy, I have a specific approach to helping them heal and regain momentum.

#1 Mobility—We must release or mobilize areas of restriction, so that the brain can find them.

#2 Stability or Control— The body needs to be taught how to hold and tolerate load, so other areas can move.

#3 Strengthen— We build up areas that need more strength to handle movement and control.

#4 Move— We create safe, real movements that are meaningful for the person. Then, we apply the control and mobility that they learned.

These steps work. With this approach I have helped mothers restore their bladders after giving birth, patients return to full mobility after injury, those with illnesses like interstitial cystitis find freedom to live again, and those with age-related conditions have been able to expect more from their bodies.

You can expect more too. Together, we can bring your body back into balance.

Make an appointment with me, Erin Lamb, to begin living better. Schedule online at https://eqpt.janeapp.comor call 616-345-3778.

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