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MEET YOUR BODY: Series Part One

Have you ever looked down and saw your stomach pudging out and thought, “I need to lay off the cookies?”

Well, take heart, there might just be more than cookies at stake. That pudge might be a symptom of a CORE issue.

Contrary to popular belief your core is not just your abdominal muscles, a.k.a. “the six pack.” The core is your trunk. It is the stability system of your body. It is what allows your arms and legs to move freely. If your trunk is weak, then your arms, legs, shoulders, and neck become your holders. They have to work harder to hold you up and stabilize your body because your trunk can’t. The hamstrings (located back of the thigh) are famous for this. They are oftentimes the main holder when the trunk is breaking down.

So, what muscles actually make up your core? There are a group of four main muscles:

1. Transverse Abdominis

2. Diaphragm

3. Back Muscles

4. Pelvic Floor

You cannot have good CORE balance unless these FOUR main groups are functioning well. Breakdown happens when one or more of these groups are struggling to do their job. If the whole core isn’t working well, it won’t matter if you’re doing 100 crunches every night. There has to be proper engagement in all FOUR muscles groups.

But, eating cookies every night, isn’t going to help you either. Find out what can help you—on Monday, we will go further into this MEET YOUR BODY SERIES.

Can your relate to CORE frustrations?

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