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I think we can all agree that breathing is important.

We want to live; hence we need to breathe. We are able to breathe because of a wonderful muscle known as—THE DIAPHRAGM. This is the second main muscle that makes up your CORE. (See last week’s post on the core). When this muscle contracts, it forces air out of the lungs and when it relaxes, it lets air in. Inhaling and exhaling oxygen is at the center of body health. This is why physical trainers and yoga instructors continuously say, “Remember to breathe.” Holding your breathe during activity hinders the ability to do it well.

So, where is this muscle located? The diaphragm is above the liver and inside the ribcage between your lungs. It also connects to the front of the lumbar spine to anchor and coordinates with the abdominal wall and back muscles.

If you find it hard to breathe while engaging the rest of your core, this may be an indication that your diaphragm’s workload is too great, and the other muscles groups need to be built up. You should be able to easily load the body (lifting weights, pushing, pulling or doing something physical) and move without creating pressure in the diaphragm.

If you find yourself struggling with breathing, we’d love to talk to you about it in a brief discovery session or complete evaluation. Click HERE for more details.

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