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My Approach


I am a movement scientist. I am a detective, digging to find out why the body is not working to its potential. I am constantly amazed at the power of the center of the body. When it is balanced, we can do so much but when something goes awry, it also can wreak havoc on the entire body and spirit. The pelvic floor is crucial but that is not the complete picture. You have to look at the whole body. I sincerely love to see people get better through this approach. Let’s work together to find your body’s potential by restoring balance in the systems!

As a physical therapist, I have spent nearly two decades watching movement, paying attention to what my patients say, and making note of how they respond to treatment. This has broadened my view. I do not chase symptoms. I try to really understand the source. Together, we build a toolbox for you to use, teaching you about your body, and how to read it's messages. I am excited to help you solve your medical mysteries and restore not only what you need to do but what you love to do!

Not sure if EQPT is right for you? We offer a 15 minute discovery session to answers questions. The cost of the session is credited towards your initial consultation. 
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