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Prenatal & Postpartum

Prenatal Care

  • It is common, but pregnancy does not have to be painful. Seeing a physical therapist that specializes in pregnancy early so that you can enjoy the pregnancy, have a better delivery,  and also have a better recovery after delivery.

Postnatal- 4th Trimester

  • As a new mom, the attention goes to the baby but we need to focus on mom's recovery too! Common issues arise during your recovery as your body is trying to heal and not addressing them can lead to long term health problems


  • The pelvic floor has just been through a marathon in pregnancy and delivery. You may have tension or tearing in these muscles. You may have weakness and a feeling of poor support. The pelvis is our main source of power as women. 



  • The abdomen undergoes the most change with pregnancy. Intestines are pushed up and back, the diaphragm can't expand and food does not fit as well. Digestion can be slow. 



  • You're brain is the boss of the body. It's perspective and messaging will affect the body's response, so don't underestimate it's role in recovery. 



  • The spine changes shape while you are pregnant to create a support for the uterus and growing fetus. After delivery your spine needs to slowly re-adapt, but it puts you at risk for injury as you care for your new family member. 

Pregnancy Yoga
Let's find your Equilibrium
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