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Who needs a pelvic therapist?

Updated: May 4, 2020

I would argue that everyone needs to have the number to a friendly, neighborhood pelvic therapist in their phone! Why? Because our bodies are complex! Things change and just when you think you have it figured out, it changes again. I am talking about all the stuff you don’t share. The body loves balance but often our lives do not support it!

What about these questions, asked them to yourself before?

  • Do you leak urine or stool without control (yes even a little)?

  • Do you have to go to pee more than every 3 hours or to the contrary, is it hard to pee?

  • Do you have small, hard poops or does it hurt to poop?

  • Do you have trouble controlling gas?

  • Is it hard to get clean when you wipe ( do you get skid marks)?

  • Do you feel empty after you pee or poop?

  • Trouble with hemorrhoids?

  • Does it hurt to have sex or to use a tampon?

  • Do you find yourself holding your breath a lot?

  • Do you have pain or bloating in the abdomen?

  • Have you been working on abs forever without seeing change?

  • Does it hurt to sit?

  • Do you have pain emptying your bladder or bowels?

  • Do you feel pressure?

  • Have you just had a baby?

  • Do you have chronic low back pain that has not responded to treatments?

Any of that sound familiar? So why are we just ok with this? Why do we laugh it off when our friends tell us they peed while jumping on the trampoline or had to leave exercise class because they were leaking? Why do we settle for stopping the activities we love instead of seeing what our bodies are capable of?

It’s time to stop asking these questions and do something. Time for a new normal and higher expectations. A pelvic therapist is your champion. We go where no one goes. We ask questions you did not think of and we have heard it all so we can hear more.


So do you have a pelvic therapist in your pocket that can help restore your body balance?

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