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Speed Walking

At Equilibrium Physical Therapy we believe that as the entire body achieves balance, health follows. We work together with you to decide what, when, and how treatment looks for you because we listen to you, and your body. 

Already working towards balance? 

Already working with our team and ready to schedule your next visit? Schedule here to be directed to our schedule to book your next appointment. 

Your care is in our hands, 

because you are a person with choices, not a diagnosis. We work together with you to decide what, when and how treatment looks for you. We listen to you.  We work for you, our patient, not the insurance company. We include the necessary team to surround you.

Ready to learn who we are?

What a breath of fresh air Erin Lamb
and her staff are! With her unique physical therapy approach I was able to get off my medication and my symptoms are now better. She is a game changer! You will not regret visiting.

Luke, Zeeland

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