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Your Care

Ready to schedule your next appointment or setup your first Discovery Session with us?  Sign up online for the next opening that works for you and we will start helping you find balance.

Your Care

We are excited to show you the difference at EQPT. Find out more about our services.


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Our Philosophy


"a state of balance".


Let EQPT help you find your body balance with our personalized care.  

The EQPT Approach


I am a movement scientist

I am a detective

I am holistic

I am curious

I am patient

Learn more about why this approach works to get results.

About me


Raised from birth in a healthcare family, I possess a deep understanding of how the body works. I am proud to put my skills to use for the benefit of each of my patients. 

What a breath of fresh air Erin Lamb
and her staff are! With her unique physical therapy approach I was able to get off my medication and my symptoms are now better. She is a game changer! You will not regret visiting.

Luke, Zeeland

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